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Best places to retire - A brief introduction

On our website we will discover the best ways, holidays and places that you can definitely find. Even if you are not retired yet, we welcome younger people to join us and make some early plans for the upcoming retirement. Where do you want to travel? What goals do you want to set up and achieve while you are in retirement? We want to face all diferent kind of problems and look upon great solutions, that might be helpful. In the mean time we focus on great places and plans that you can reach while you are retired.

We hope you enjoy our website and find all important information. We are just starting to set up some major topics. So please give us some time to find interesting places. Some first articles can be found on our Blog right now. Further tipps, infos will follow up soon. First of all please read our new Blog articles

Places to stay in Europe

Netzphaenomen Weg

A lot of spots in Europe are not so well known to Americans. There are a lot of places where you can find lots of inspiration, lovely countrysides and a beautiful calmness that many people might not expect. Especially in times of trouble and fast changing environments the world still keeps some places where you can recover from a hard jounrey or even stay for a long time during your retirement. Especially the middle of Europe might be interesting to travel to if you are interested.

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Places to stay in the US


The U.S. are still having the most beautiful landscapes and maybe highest variety in nature phenomenons, e.g. nationalparks as one can expect. There are great lakes, beautiful mountains and of course the most magnificiant countrysides that you can travel to. The Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park and many more. In order to show you some regions that might be attractive to live during your retirement we also want to focus on places that are located just next to some of the greatest wonders in nature.

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